In order to win at online roulette, it is necessary to make more effort, knowledge and skills as the rules of the game are more complicated than in the slots and more interesting. That’s where having a strategy comes in, and that’s when you need this review. Essentially, how to win at roulette games is closely linked to your betting strategies.

Roueltte Strategies

With games like roulette, having a plan ensures your luck becomes an easy win. You can read the player’s behaviour patterns and make better decisions during the game. To provide you can play online roulette for real money, we’ll answer the following issues:

  • Basic roulette strategies you should know.
  • Best roulette betting systems.
  • How to increase your winning chances on each hand.

With this review, you are about to create a new gambling experience afterwards playing roulette titles. Let’s dive in!

Read the Rules Before Selecting Strategies

RouletteRoulette can look like an intimidating game to play when you’re starting in the gambling industry. First, you just need to understand roulette rules. The game is played with a large wheel with either 37 or 38 pockets. The stops are numbered from 0 to 36, with the American roulette having an extra 00 pocket. Concerning colour, the zeroes are green while the pockets are split evenly, i.e., 18 red and 18 black.

The round starts when the dealer spins the ball on the outer wheel of the rim. It will eventually land on a numbered space, and the player wins if they make a correct guess. Before every spin, players can make bets around the roulette table. They can choose to bet on a single number or any combination of their choosing.

When you play online roulette for big money, make sure your bankroll is big enough. You have no business making a wager with the bulk of your bankroll. The game is unpredictable, and you could have multiple losing bets in a row. Choosing the right bet is also vital. Outside bets have a high win percentage and 50/50 odds. Inside bets have better odds but come with more risk. These odds determine your roulette playing success.

Types of Roulette Techniques

Roulette can be unpredictable, with each win determined by the ball’s resting place. That said, you’re not completely helpless. Every casino game has strategies and systems to improve the chances of winning.

For example, baccarat players are advised to avoid tie bets if they want a good game. This is because the house can have as much as a 14.6% advantage which greatly reduces the payout. Roulette has similar strategies, which you’ll discover in this section. With the roulette strategy, you’ll be protected from huge losses while playing.

Progressive Roulette Betting Systems

You can use multiple roulette betting systems to play online for real money. Some are aggressive with the player required to risk more of their bankroll. Other techniques are considered gentle, involving smaller wagers and prices. Combined with a basic understanding of the rules, you must find the right strategy. This selection can give you a definite edge over your competition, ensuring smoother gameplay.

You’re about to learn how these systems work and the best way to use them. The top roulette patterns include:


The player has to keep doubling the stake after every loss with the Martingale system. For instance, if you bet €/$30 on the first bet, you’ll have to bet €/$60 on the next bet. Using the Martingale system effectively for roulette means focusing on even-money outside bets.

You need to make wagers like red, black, odd, even, 1-18, and 19-36. They all have odds of 1:1 and will protect you from the negatives of this betting system. That said, you’re not out of the woods yet. The Martingale’s issue is that the wager doubles when you’re on a losing streak.

This position doesn’t change even if you’re using even-money bets. Instead, there’s a chance you drain your bankroll before your winnings can be recovered. You could end up betting big and making very little profit. The roulette tables also have betting limits, so your maximum wager amount will always be capped. That said, players still choose this as the best roulette strategy because it’s easy to understand and simple to apply.

Round Bet Result
1 €/$50 Lose
2 €/$100 Win
3 €/$150 Lose


This system, also known as the progressive playing system, relies on the Fibonacci sequence. To utilize this strategy, you’ll need to choose a singular wager that aligns with your budget. You need to bet a similar amount as the current number you’re on using a mathematical sequence of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144.

You begin by playing 1 unit since it’s the first number in the sequence. If you win, you bet 1 unit on the next turn. If you lose, you’ll still bet 1 unit until you get the lost unit back. The Fibonacci sequence works for any round because it doesn’t stray from the original formula. It’s a useful strategy if you’re playing with no wagering limits. You get an opportunity to win back your losses if you keep playing.

However, the playing system works best if you’re looking for short-term results. You should only risk it if you have an unlimited bankroll. If not, the amount you’ll have to bet after each loss will be devastating. Modifying the system to fit your budget can save you from gambling ruin. Another alternative would be to use low-risk progressive betting systems.

Round Bet Result
1 €/$1 Lose
2 €/$1 Lose
3 €/$2 Lose
4 €/$3 Lose
5 €/$5 Win
6 €/$2 Lose
7 €/$3 Win
8 €/$5 Win


The Paroli is a winning strategy for your gambling session. After a win is registered, the system uses a positive progression to double bets. The objective is to maximise profits in short gaming sessions. Players can use the roulette strategy in-game with even-money wagers of 50/50 odds. These even-money bets include even/odd, black/red, and low/high.

The concept of this system is that your wagers are doubled, and the sequence is stopped after three wins. You only have to risk their initial stake with larger wagers from winning spins. It’s an appealing strategy because you’re using the casino’s money instead of yours. At the end of each progression, you will either lose or turn a profit. The loss will be an amount equal to the initial bet.

Before using this system constantly, determine a fixed amount for your initial bet. The initial stake shouldn’t exceed 5% of your bankroll. With this, you’ll only risk €/$10 in each progression session.

Round Bet Result
1 €/$10 Win
2 €/$20 Lose
3 €/$10 Win
4 €/$10 Win
5 €/$20 Win
6 €/$30 Win


The main principle of the D’Alembert system is that the bettor should increase their stake by an equal amount after a loss and decrease it after a win. For example, if you make a €/$10 starting wager and lose, your next wager should be €/$20. If you recover with a win, your next wager should be a decrease, i.e., €/$10.

Players are fond of this online roulette strategy because it leads to short-term wins. With a small winning streak, it’s possible to create and recover from the losses of a lousy run. The system is a stable one and reduces the probability of massive losses. However, reaching the upper stake limits can be difficult even with a 20% or 30% winning ratio.

The D’Alembert isn’t ideal for an instant win in small bets. It’s unlikely to secure a huge profit by starting and stopping a new row of stakes and bets. The system is still more conservative than other famous systems like Martingale and Labouchere.

Round Bet Result
1 €/$20 Lose
2 €/$21 Lose
3 €/$22 Win
4 €/$21 Win


In the Labouchere system, you select a number you’d like to win and divide it into a number range, adding up to the total. Then, you can boost a big bankroll by having a double-digit or triple-digit number in the sequence. The core of the principle is to ensure the second stake is higher than the first bet if you lose.

The initial wager should be placed with a predetermined stake. The sum of the far-left should be paired with the sequence number of the far-right. If the bet wins, remove the used outer numbers and create a new stake with what’s left. If it loses, you start again by adding the first bet total to the furthest right of the sequence.

An advantage of the Labouchere roulette strategy is the player doesn’t have to use any mathematical types. It’s also more flexible than the Fibonacci system, thanks to its unique structure. However, the system does have its issues, with a major drawback being the online bookie limit. Online bookies might limit your account if you wager high with this playing strategy

Round Sequence Bet Result
1 2-2-2-4-4-4 €/$4 Win
2 2-2-2-4-4 €/$6 Lose
3 2-2-2-4-4-6 €/$8 Win
4 2-2-2-4-4 €/$10 Lose

Non-Progressive Roulette Betting System

Unlike the progressive betting systems, this strategy works on a different basis. Players are encouraged to keep their bets the same throughout the playing session. Alternatively, they can choose to change their bets anyhow they feel and keep playing.

These systems are perfect for beginners because they’re low-risk. That way, their finances are still intact after each bet. Players can enjoy more freedom and better winning odds online. This alternative betting system will be examined using a favourite among roulette winning systems:

James Bond Strategy

You’ll need a healthy bankroll to utilize this system. It’s a combination bet structure, so you must merge three different bets each time. You start by making a stake of €/$14 on the high numbers, i.e., 19 to 36. Follow this with a €/$5 on a six-line by placing the bet, so it covers two rows of three numbers, i.e., 13 to 18. The final €/$1 bet should be placed on the green zero.

The concept is you can cover more outcomes by combining bets. It’s a system that differs based on the roulette type. For example, if you’re using an American roulette table, place the final €/$1 bet as a split between 0 and 00.

The James bond system isn’t a guaranteed winning roulette formula. It’s still a game of chance. Here are some possible outcomes:

  • If 1-12 comes in, you lose everything and get a €/$20 loss;
  • If 13-28 comes in at 5/1, you get €/$25 and a €/$5 profit;
  • If 19-36 comes in at 1/1, you get €/$25 and an €/$8 profit;
  • If the 0 comes in at 35/1, you get €/$35 and a profit of €/$15.

The key to winning is avoiding numbers 1-12.

Roulette Tips and Tricks

Some of the best ways to play roulette can be found in tips that improve your game and help you avoid gambling losses. These include:

  1. Find games with “surrender.”. In the American roulette version, “surrender” divides the house edge by half. Playing with a 2.63 percentage instead of a 5.26 percentage increases your winning level.
  2. Play within your bankroll. Your experience is more important than trying to win big immediately. Stick to your playing budget and make bets accordingly.
  3. Always play single-zero wheels. Once you’ve managed to cut the house edge in half, play single zero wheels. However, you can use a double zero wheel with a lower minimum bet point.
  4. Make calm decisions. Assess the game and other players before making your wager. This review will help you read the entire game.
  5. Avoid some hands. Steer clear of sure hands to reduce the house edge on your bankroll.

Final Thoughts

Many players have recognized betting systems as the best way to win at roulette. Each strategy is unique and offers a specific set of odds and outcomes for the user’s benefit. There’s no harm in choosing a betting system to increase your chances of beating the house.

However, you’ll need to understand what playing style works for you. Check your bankroll and the fair odds offered by online operators. You can choose a clear strategy for winning at the roulette tables with that information.


Which type of roulette strategy is better to use – progressive or non-progressive?

We advise you to choose a Progressive strategy as it offers a better advantage for roulette players. The system lets you maximize your streak by increasing your bet when you’re winning. It also reduces the wager when you’re on a losing streak.

Do roulette strategies work?

Roulette strategies give you access to better odds during gameplay. You can use them for cultivating a playing system that ensures you wager less and win big. They’re also useful for countering any unforeseen changes opponents make during the game.

Can a strategy affect your long-term results?

Your betting strategy will determine how much of your bankroll is left. For instance, non-progressive slots require you to increase your wager after each loss. This reduces your chances of making back any lost bets.

What is the average RTP in online roulette?

The RTP for online roulette is calculated using the amount players are paid by the total of all bets made. This percentage is independent of each version, with American Roulette having ~94.7% while European Roulette has a ~97.5% rating.

How to choose the best roulette betting system?

The key factor is the size of your bankroll. A huge wagering fund can dull the negative effects of non-progressive systems. That said, it’s all about returns and profits. So, your system choice should align with your financial expectations from betting.

What is the safest and most reliable roulette strategy?

The Fibonacci system is considered to be one of the safest out there. It involves making wagers secure by summing up the last two bets. Using the method, you’re bound to make a sufficient profit even if you have fewer wins than losses.

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