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What is the world’s most popular card game? Not every person is aware of the fact that blackjack takes the first prize in the top of the best card games and there is hardly any online casino that does not offer this exciting experience. However, there is one thing that makes casino blackjack twice more appealing. It is a unique feeling people have when they play blackjack online for money. Every bet made during such a game allows feeling how blood starts running through your veins faster and it is much more pleasant to be not simply a winner but a holder of an impressive monetary prize.

The selection of modern instant and live casino games is so enormous that it appears to be a challenge to find the best online blackjack real money game. Many examples feature such a high quality and unique peculiarities that you are ready to give a try to every game without exceptions. That’s why we have decided to tell you everything about blackjack so that you could learn the following:

  • WHAT makes blackjack number-one choice in the world of card games.
  • HOW to choose a blackjack game that will meet players’ expectations.
  • WHY you should try playing it without any doubts.

Best Real Money Blackjack Casinos in 2021 ?

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Blackjack for Real Money Overview + Rules

Online blackjackBeing also known as pontoon and twenty-one blackjack is defined in the following way: it is a card game that was invented in France in the 18th century and later spread to other European, Asian countries and the American continent. What is interesting, the history of blackjack has been evolving and modern rules of the best online blackjack for money have been introduced in Nevada after the legalization of gambling. One of its names is 21 – the number players can’t go over or they will definitely lose. Speaking about other rules of playing blackjack online for real money, they look as follows:

  1. The goal of a player is to get a total card value more than the one in the dealer’s hand and not to go over 21.
  2. A dealer starts a game giving two cards to a player and two cards to himself: one is face up, the second one is face down.
  3. There are two commands in the game: (Hit means take one more card; Stand means to remain with the cards you have and end your turn). It is possible to hit until you get a value of 17 and more.
  4. If your cards are worth more than 21, you lose and a dealer wins. If your cards are equal 21, you get a blackjack and win 1.5x a bet.
  5. There are also two more commands: (Double means a twice higher bet and getting one more card; Split is possible only at the beginning of the game if you have two same cards).

Being aware of these rules players can choose one of the best online casinos for real money and play a classic blackjack game. Naturally, there might be some changes in rules in the variations of this game but if you have doubts, you can always open game characteristics and features to check them and only then play blackjack for money online. However, if you want to increase your odds of winning, it is necessary to learn tips from experts and strategies which you can find below.

Blackjack Glossary

If you decided to play blackjack for real money online, you should understand what happens during the game and this glossary will be helpful to look confident at the table.

  1. Hit – when a player asks a dealer to give him one more card to increase his or her total value.
  2. Stand is an action when a player leaves the cards he has and prevents being dealt any other cards.
  3. Bust is a losing hand with the value over 21 points and is considered to be an unlucky card dealt.
  4. Double is an option of making the initial bet twice higher with the goal to get a bigger prize. A player receives one more card to his current hand and if its value is higher than one possessed by a dealer, he wins twice more money.
  5. Split is an option given only for the first two cards when a player can divide the same cards to get separate hands and add an extra bet to play two hands simultaneously.
  6. Face cards are all cards with faces in the deck including Jacks, Queens and Kings with a value of 10 each.
  7. Five Card Charlie is a hand of cards that consists of 5 cards with a total value of less than 21 and some games give an instant payout 1:1 for it irrespective of the dealer’s hand.
  8. Hole card is a card received by a dealer during the first deal and laid face down.
  9. Up-card is a card received by a dealer during the first deal and laid face up.
  10. Natural hand is a synonym to blackjack: a game situation when a player receives 21 points holding only two cards in the hand.
  11. Push or stand off is a situation when a player has the same total card value as a dealer and gets their wagers back without getting any profit or losing anything.
  12. Soft hand is a hand where one of the cards is an Ace which is usually estimated at 1 or 11 points.
  13. Insurance is a traditional side bet placed by a player if a dealer has big chances to win blackjack. If this decision is made, a player is paid out at odds 2:1 and loses nothing due to that.

Blackjack Variations at Online Casino Sites

Blackjack is a quite versatile game and there are several variations found in an online casino. Check out the most popular ones below:

▶ Live blackjack

The most popular blackjack game is one broadcasted from professionally equipped studios and managed by a live dealer. It makes an impression as if you don’t play live blackjack online for money from your home but do that in a land-based casino. Players can communicate with a dealer in a live chat as well as play against real opponents hidden behind the screens. If you want to make your experience more interesting playing live blackjack, play for real money and choose different types of games from the best software game providers.

▶ Mobile blackjack + app

Blackjack can be accessed on different devices including mobile ones. Now, a little less than 50% of players prefer to gamble on mobile devices and both browser-based casinos and mobile applications are used for this purpose. The main benefit of a mobile blackjack real money app is the possibility to enjoy a favorite game no matter where you are, while a mobile app is always at hand for faster access.

▶ VIP blackjack

It is always a pleasure to be treated as a VIP person and some blackjack games provide players with such an opportunity. Everything from studio to dealer is luxurious there, so everyone should try playing at VIP tables and feel like a celebrity at least for a moment. Some games offer additional bets for more lucrative winnings, so don’t miss a chance to become a winner.

▶ High stakes blackjack

Do you like to win big? You will agree that luck is a temporary thing and sometimes it is better to risk a lot to get an impressive reward. Therefore, high rollers prefer to make large bets and get significant winnings making only a couple of them. Blackjack is a great game for high stakes and it offers a possibility to double every bet and see how your casino balance keeps on growing.

▶ Low stakes blackjack

Players who like the process of playing would not hurry to spend all the money from the balance. They would rather minimize their bets and try different strategies in practice. Blackjack is appreciated by millions because players can adjust their bets and increase the period of time they play. Making lower bets they do not win as much as they could but it happens more frequently.

▶ No deposit blackjack

When gamblers decide to play blackjack online for real money, no deposit bonus can provide them with a unique opportunity to do that without any investment. Every casino has its own idea of no deposit bonus: some offer an exact amount of bonus money to spend on betting, others offer unlimited gambling fun for a certain period of time. In any case, it is a great opportunity to enjoy a favorite game and win cash from the very first minute of playing.

Main Online Blackjack Types Explained

European Blackjack
It is considered as an origin of the traditional blackjack game and is played with 2 to 8 decks without a joker. Its main difference is the fact that a dealer gets the second card only after a player has received his hand.
American Blackjack
It is worth saying that American Blackjack is divided into two more types:

  • Vegas Strip Blackjack – played with 4 decks of cards, you can split cards up to 3 times, Aces only once. Keep in mind that 21 with a split Ace is not considered blackjack.
  • Atlantic City American Blackjack – played with 8 52-card decks of cards and late surrender is supported. It is possible to double down in this game not only when you are dealt the first two cards but also while you collect your lucky hand.
Spanish Blackjack or Spanish 21
This Blackjack type has received its name because the game is played with 8 Spanish decks where tens are removed. There are also different payouts that grow very much for 7-7-7 combinations.
Blackjack Surrender
This game type is provided with an option to surrender and lose only half of the bet made. It is usually played with 4 decks and a player can surrender even after the blackjack check.
Blackjack Switch
This game type is characterized by the possibility to play Blackjack using a minimum of two hands. It does not support one hand and bets are made simultaneously on two fields. Moreover, it has a Super match feature that represents a different set of odds each time.
Blackjack Silver
Despite being very similar to classic Blackjack, Silver allows playing using up to 7 hands and players can make so-called side bets such as Perfect Pair and 21+3. There is no surrender option too.
Blackjack Pro
Being another popular type of blackjack Pro real money game allows up to 3 players to enjoy the process who can also make bonus bets up to €500. Its payout coefficients are between 10 and 100 and it is necessary to get a Jack or two of them during the first deal to wing this stake.
The main difference of pontoon from a traditional 21 game is a possibility to double your bet not only at the beginning of the game when you have two cards but also during the game with more cards in the hand.

Blackjack Real Money Gambling Sites You Can’t Miss

You will definitely get pleasure if you decide to play blackjack online: real money games fill players with endless energy and joy. However, what platform to choose for playing? Don’t waste your time on search and look through our list of trusted blackjack casinos to make the right choice.

Free Spins

£1200 / 260 FS

T&C Apply!

How We Select and Rate the Best Casinos with Blackjack

Gamblorium was created by keen gamblers for people who like playing online casino games too. Therefore, our team understands how important it is to offer players only reliable and high-rated platforms for playing blackjack and other real money casino games. This deep understanding of the gambling industry from inside helped us to formulate special criteria and analyze every platform according to them.

Blackjack variations
The best real money blackjack casino should not limit players in the choice of games, so it should offer both instant and live dealer blackjack games of multiple variations. Each type has its peculiarities which can be crucial for some players, so the selection of games must be wide.
A good casino appreciates its players and tries to make gambling much more exciting by offering bonuses and promotions both to new and loyal players. The range of bonuses is quite extensive including welcome and no deposit bonuses for new players as well as different match bonuses, free spins, cashbacks, and others. Our experts check these offers and select platforms with the most lucrative rewards.
One of the most important features for every player is feeling secure on the platform. It means that a casino should be licensed by the respective authoritative body and should be subjected to constant control of its operation from its side. One more important thing for players is privacy policy: since every platform asks for personal information and some financial data it should guarantee its security and encryption.
Mobile versions
Online blackjack with real money should be available everywhere and anytime so either a browser-based responsive version or a mobile casino app is a must. It is evident that a casino takes care of all players and wants to improve their gambling experience.
Real money & free mode
Before a player decides to play blackjack online for cash, he should ensure that this game appeals to him and have some practice. Therefore, it would be a plus if a casino offers not only real-money games but also their demo versions.
Simple banking
A casino should offer players several banking options both for deposits and withdrawals. It would be great if they include electronic payment systems, traditional banking options like credit and debit cards, wire transfers, prepaid and crypto solutions, etc. Moreover, they should be affordable and guarantee fast delivery of funds to the casino balance.
Fast payouts
One of the main problems faced by players is delays with winnings withdrawal. A trusted casino always has its pending time after which they release funds to a player. It would be great if this time is not more than 24 hours.
Customer support
A sign of a good blackjack casino is round the clock customer support. It should be available not only by email but also by chat and phone as well as support several languages for players from different countries.
If a casino is available in multiple countries, it should be translated into several languages to guarantee all players easy and fast navigation on the website.
Supported Currencies
The best real money blackjack online casinos should offer players a possibility to make bets in different currencies, so the support for popular fiat and cryptocurrencies is a benefit too.

Top 3 Online Blackjack Games for Real Money

Are you puzzled with a wide choice of blackjack game types and have no idea which one to choose? Our experts have analyzed a great collection of blackjack online games for real money and identified the leaders listed in this table.

NameSoftwareFree versionOur Rating
European Blackjack
Double Exposure Blackjack Gold
Single Deck Blackjack

Playing Blackjack Online for Money in Different Countries

If you think that you can play blackjack in every corner of the world anytime you wish, you should learn that every country has its own peculiarities and regulations of the blackjack game. Therefore, if you want to play real money blackjack online, you should know possible restrictions and rules of online gambling by country. Here are some tips on online gambling regulations in the world’s largest countries.

United Kingdom
It is absolutely legal to play casino games in the UK and online platforms are not an exception. The country can even boast one of the best casino licensing bodies called The UK Gambling Commission. The official data says that there are over 40 million active accounts in UK casinos, so gambling can be called one of the most popular activities there. When it comes to blackjack, UK real money casinos admit great popularity of this game too.
Gambling is allowed in Canada and there are a lot of online casinos offering different types of games. However, if you would like to learn more about the best online casinos in Canada and their regulation, you should be aware of the fact that every province has its set of rules, laws and documents regulating their operation. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are possible differences from state to state and for a player who wants to play online blackjack for real money Canada is a good choice.
New Zealand
Players based in New Zealand are lucky to have access to a variety of foreign licensed casinos. The industry is controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs. The most important thing you should know is that there is a prohibition for local companies to provide gambling services to the citizens of the country. Consequently, players can play in online casinos in New Zealand, but only if they are licensed by a gambling authority registered in another country. Naturally, if players want to play blackjack online, real money NZ casinos are not the best option. It is better to choose international casinos that offer them a wide choice of games from the best developers.
South Africa
Gambling is very popular with residents of countries located in South Africa. They play it not only for entertainment but also try to earn money in this way. There are no restrictions for players, so the South African online casinos list is very long and it is easy to find a good platform to gamble on. Blackjack was brought to the countries of South Africa by colonists several centuries ago, but now it is played online more often. Offering one of the most exciting games of online blackjack, real money South Africa casinos attract thousands of players on a daily basis and their number is constantly growing.
Despite the fact that the USA was one of the first countries in the world to legalize gambling, currently, the situation leaves much to be desired. There is a big number of best US online casinos, but they can operate only in 3 states. All others have prohibited gambling at the official level and if you want to play blackjack online, real money USA casinos can be accessed only if you are located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
If you are located on the continent full of kangaroos and want to play online blackjack for real money in Australia, unfortunately, it is not possible. Local laws prohibit Australian companies to provide gambling services to the citizens of the country.

Best Blackjack Casino Promotions

Have you ever known that blackjack is subjected to mathematical laws and it is possible to increase your odds of winning being aware of them? This theory has been confirmed by Edward O. Thorp in his book “Beat the Dealer” (1962) but there is one more way to get more winnings when you play online blackjack for real money. A key to success is to take advantage of the best online casino promotions and bonus offers. They increase your chances to become a winner significantly, so every player should be aware of their types.

  • Welcome bonus: given to new players in the form of a deposit match to enhance their experience.
  • Match bonus: a percentage equivalent given additionally to the deposit made to play a blackjack game longer.
  • Reload bonus: given to regular players bonus that constitutes a certain percentage of the deposit amount added to the total balance.
  • No deposit bonus: this type of bonus allows playing for a certain amount or a limited period of time in the real-money casino without making a deposit.
  • VIP bonus: given to active players with VIP status this bonus can be represented in a variety of types including cash bonuses, access to exclusive blackjack games with high stakes, visiting special events, participation in tournaments, etc.
  • Ongoing promotions: every casino tries to offer something new to players so bonuses and promotions can be added every week, month, or season.

Basic Strategy to Win in Blackjack

It is necessary to remember that blackjack is a game where players can apply mathematical laws and increase their chances of winning. It is not a secret that there are blackjack strategies that can help win not only a card game but even the Super Bowl. As a result, blackjack experts have created a basic chart and suggested alternative strategies to players who rely not only on their luck but also wisdom. A gambler who plays blackjack 21 online real money game usually loses 3% of the amount he bets but the knowledge of a basic strategy can eliminate it to 0.5%. Take advantage and let your odds grow thanks to this unique chart.

House Edge

There are several things players should know about a blackjack game. The first one is the house edge of every game type. Every best blackjack online for money features a percentage of funds that will remain in the casino. Usually, it is quite low – below 3% – but it may change depending on the player’s style of playing. It is important to remember that the application of blackjack strategies in practice decreases it and a player wins more frequently!

Card Values

Blackjack is a card game where every card has its value. When you play blackjack for cash, you should remember that all cards with numerical value are worth the number indicated on them. All face cards such as Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 10, while Aces can be worth either 1 or 11 depending on the hand. We have provided a simple table to make it more clear below.

Odds & Payouts

When you start playing the best real money online blackjack game and get your first two cards, you can already count your chances of winning. In fact, a 100% winning is guaranteed only to players who get a blackjack hand equal to 21. However, you can also learn what your chances are to become a winner with a hand that is below 21 value. Look at this table and learn the odds.

As you know, blackjack features different payouts depending on the winning hand. If a payout is characterized as 1:1 given to winners who beat the dealer’s hand with a hand of under 21, it means that a winner gets the same amount he betted extra to his own funds and doubles his bankroll. A 3:2 payout is given to a player with a blackjack hand and the payout is 1.5 higher than the original bet. The loss and two hands of equal value in dealer’s and player’s hands do not provide any payouts.

Tips & Tricks

It goes without saying that every person who plays real blackjack for money wants to become a winner and get a payout higher than the initial bankroll. One of the ways to increase your chances of getting winning hands is to be aware of tips and tricks from experts in the gambling industry.

  1. Learn the rules of the game. You should be aware of basic blackjack terms, clearly understand what kind of hand you have, and know how to act in order to become a winner.
  2. Get acquainted with strategies. It would be useful to learn basic blackjack strategies based on the principles of maths and increase your odds.
  3. Have some practice. It is possible to try a demo version of the game you like and check the strategies before betting cash.
  4. Benefit from bonuses. They can make the process much more exciting and prolong your gambling experience with their help.
  5. Focus on a dealer. Even if you play with several other players, remember that your goal is to beat the dealer’s hand.
  6. Play the blackjack type with the lowest house edge. By doing so you increase your chances of winning.
  7. Count not only your cards but also dealer’s ones. It is another strategy to understand the value of the remaining cards and either increase or lower your bets.
  8. Set your personal limits on the bankroll. You should decide on the maximum amount to spend in every game before you start playing.
  9. Check betting systems. They can help to increase the winning amounts significantly and save on losses.
  10. Enjoy the process. Remember that casino games are made for fun and entertainment, so it should not be used as a way of earning money.

Play Blackjack For Free vs. Real Money

It is not a secret that it is possible to play blackjack online for real cash and for fun. Both of these versions have a number of pros and cons.

Real Money ModeFree Mode
Unique rush of adrenaline.Possibility to learn the rules of the game directly during the gaming process.
Availability of bonuses, promotions, and participation in tournaments.Checking the strategies.
Possibility to win big money.Adjusting the most favorable bets.
More blackjack variations.No time-consuming sign-up and depositing process.
Access to live dealer games.No money loss and worries about that.

History of Blackjack

The roots of the blackjack history go back to the end of the 17th – the beginning of the 18th century according to the scientists. These were the casinos of France where a similar blackjack game had evolved and many experts believe that it derived from other card games played at that time.

However, some experts mention a similar game played by the Romans much earlier using wooden blocks instead of cards. Though it is impossible to say for sure where blackjack originated from, it is a fact that it was spread all around the world by colonists and was subjected to minor transformations. It became one of the most popular games offered to players in the first US casinos in Nevada and then it has received its modern name.

Being originally called 21 the term ‘blackjack’ was invented by the casinos as a special type of winning bet that consisted of the Jack and an Ace. It has become so appealing to players that a game began to be associated with this bet and called in this way. Currently, there are a lot of blackjack variations invented in different countries for centuries of its existence and it made the game much more exciting and versatile. Modern players do not need to travel to other continents to try each game type because all of them are available in online casinos and they can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does online blackjack work?
There are instant and live dealer blackjack games available in the casinos. It is possible to play against a computer by pressing buttons respectively or join a live game managed by a real dealer.

What are the odds of winning at online blackjack?
When you play blackjack online with real money, you should know that an average house edge is around 2-3%, though it can be eliminated using popular strategies.

What is the best website to play blackjack for real money?
It is impossible to select one of all real money blackjack sites because they are analyzed in accordance with multiple principles. But you can look through the list of platforms we recommend and make your own choice since all of them are worth your attention.

How do I increase my chances of winning in blackjack?
As it was mentioned above, there are many tricks on how to be a more advantageous blackjack player but the most important of them are learning strategies and betting tips.

Can I count cards playing online blackjack?
Yes, you can do that mentally following the process of the game. Unfortunately, you can’t do that directly when you play blackjack for real cash.

Is it better to play blackjack alone?
There is no difference whether you play alone or with several more players because your goal is to beat a dealer’s hand. However, it may be easier to count cards if you play alone than in a big company.

Can I practice blackjack online for free?
Yes, you can. There are a lot of casinos that offer demo versions of online blackjack games and players can access them without sign-up and deposits.

What is the best online blackjack game type?
Every player chooses the best online real money blackjack type according to his own preferences, so it is impossible to call one of them better than others.

When should you surrender in blackjack?
There are many card combinations and everything depends on the hand you have and the one possessed by a dealer. For example, it’s better to surrender if a dealer hits or stands on soft 17 and a player stands on 16, 15 or any other high value.

Should you ever split 10s or 5s?
Experts advise never splitting 10s and 5s except for smart tournaments when a player wants to get more chips.

Is blackjack rigged?
It is impossible to rig the blackjack game if you choose licensed casinos for playing. All trusted blackjack sites for real money are controlled by authorized bodies and their games are tested to guarantee players randomness.

Posted by: Catalina

With 4 years of experience in writing about online gambling, Catalina has decided to gather all her knowledge and share it with others on one platform. Her main goal is to provide detailed information so that players could gamble in a more safe way. Smart and responsible gambling is her motto.