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Bingo is a very popular game in the world of gambling; and outside gambling too. Many people play it just for fun, to while away time, or more rewardingly, to make some cash. Either way, it is played by numerous people who know how to play Bingo and is a gaming classic. In both offline and online conduits, this game is widely played, making it available for anybody who so pleases. The game consists of players ranging from two to almost unlimited participants. It involves a caller and the players.

What’s more? It makes use of Bingo cards and prompts to play the game. Also, make sure to cross your square whenever the content tallies with what the caller announces. In this article, we’ll teach you how to play Bingo, the rules of Bingo, and the different types of Bingo. After reading this article, you’ll know why Bingo is extremely popular on both online and offline platforms and how to play Bingo.

What is Bingo?

Legend has it that Bingo originated almost 500 years ago. Just wow! While it is uncertain whether or not that is accurate, we are certain that this game has been around for a long time, hence its popularity. Apparently, the game began in Italy in 1503. Its original name was “II Gioco del Lotto d’Italia”. The game was transported to France, where it metamorphosed and became an Aristocrat favourite.

There, it was called “Le Lotto” and eventually evolved into a game of chance. For this reason, the game became extremely popular in that country. Over time, the game got to the UK, where it became sort of a universal phenomenon. In case you’re wondering where the name “Bingo” came from. Well, legend, again, has it that it originated in the USA.

There are many variations of Bingo you can play to catch fun or make some money. Most of these variations are both offline and online, and you can easily access them. Should you ever decide to play Bingo, the most popular types you’ll find are 90-Ball Bingo, 80-ball Bingo, 75-ball Bingo, and many more.

If you’re wondering, “How does Bingo work?” Well, playing Bingo is quite easy and can be learned in a jiffy. It involves the use of Bingo cards with squares on them. These squares come with contents, and whenever the content is called by the caller, you cross it out. Whoever crosses all the boxes first wins the game.

Bingo Rules

Like in every game, there are rules guiding how Bingo is played. There are conventions and traditions that have stuck over time and now become rules. This game is mainly based on probability, so good luck is very important. Well, in this section, we’ll talk about these Bingo rules and how they shape Bingo.


One of the most important Bingo rules is based on cards. This one doesn’t use ranks but rows and columns. These rows and columns on a Bingo card have 27 boxes, of which 15 random numbers—ranging from 1 to 90—are scattered. This means that there are 12 free spaces on the Bingo card. There are variations of these in other Bingo types, but this is the conventional practice.

Numbers & Matching

One of the major rules of Bingo is that you can win in several ways. The numbers scattered on the cards are characters that could get you wins or not. These wins come by matching the numbers on the cards in a set of patterns. These patterns are:

Four Corners:
The four corners on a Bingo card form a valid pattern to win a Bingo game. By marking off the numbers on the four corners of your Bingo card, a winning pattern is formed.
When the numbers on a single horizontal line have been marked off, a winning pattern is formed. This is one of the easier patterns to get in a Bingo game.
Two Lines:
This is synonymous with a Line, except here, the horizontal lines are double. This is regarded as a valid winning pattern in Bingo.
Full House:
By a stroke of extraordinary luck, if you daub or cross out all the numbers on a Bingo card, you win the game. This is considered a “Full House”, given that all the occupied boxes are marked off.


In a Bingo game, there must be a caller. This caller is the one who announces the winning numbers before the players mark them off. These numbers are generated randomly and called by the official. Online, a Random Number Generator is used to generate the numbers. Offline, the caller often picks the numbers randomly from bags or boxes.

The Different Types of Bingo Games and How To Play Them

There are various types of Bingo games available for play. These games share similar rules but have a few distinctions. Bingo players can, based on mood and whatnot, decide to play any one of their choices, and you can too. But, firstly, you’ll have to know the various types and how to play Bingo. You could also learn how to play Bingo online. Check out below to get this information.

90 Ball Bingo

This is the most popular and most played type of Bingo game worldwide. It involves a total of 27 squares, having 3 horizontal and 9 vertical lines.  The numbers in this game range from 1 – 90. For each round, the players are expected to purchase a strip of six Bingo cards. The 15 numbers on this Bingo board are arranged in three rows of 5; numbers 1 through 9, numbers 10 to 19, numbers 20 to 29, numbers 30 to 39, etc. To win in 90-ball Bingo, you have to emerge first to cross out the winning numbers in a valid pattern when the caller is through announcing the numbers.

80 Ball Bingo

80-ball Bingo is also one of the more popular Bingo variations one can play. In this type of Bingo, every Bingo card features a 4×4 grid of numbers with a different colour assigned to each column. The total number of figures available on the card is 16. These numbers range from 1 to 80. Just like all Bingo games, the winning numbers are picked at random from a pool of 80 balls. The caller randomly selects a ball from the pool of balls and announces the number following the ball. As an 80-ball Bingo player, you should cross out any matching numbers.

75 Ball Bingo

As was previously said, most Bingo games share similar methods but only a few distinctions. Here,  a 5×5 grid is used. The cards contain 25 squares. Just like in other Bingo games, the numbers are announced by the Bingo caller randomly. When a called number is present on your card, eliminate it with a dauber, chip, or pen. When you get a winning pattern, say a straight line or four edges, you’ll win the game.

30 Ball Bingo

30-ball Bingo is also commonly known as speed Bingo. Just like other Bingo variations, after you’ve purchased the Bingo cards, you can begin playing the game. There are nine squares in this variation, arranged in a 3×3 grid, on each card. This one doesn’t have any empty spaces like other Bingo games. The random numbers are called by the Bingo caller as they are picked at random. After marking the numbers on your cards, you’ll win if you are the first to make a winning pattern on your card and yell Bingo!

How to win on Bingo

Playing Bingo is quite easy, but winning is another story. The game is largely based on luck, however, there are a few ways that you can influence this game. Note that these are not sure tricks that win you games with the swing of a stick. They’re only helpful tips that could position you better in a Bingo game. Now that you know that, let’s get right into how to win on Bingo. Below are some useful tips to play Bingo.

  • Get into the game early: By getting into the game early, you’ll be able to analyze and observe the game. Earliness affords you the chance to be critical in selecting your Bingo cards and selecting the ones that may most likely benefit you.
  • Choose as many Bingo Cards as Possible: You know that if a number isn’t on one card, it most likely will be on another. For that reason, the more Bingo cards you buy, the higher your chances of winning a Bingo game. This tip is considered important if you have any plans of taking home the winning in a Bingo game situation.
  • Be as swift as possible: Daubing and crossing off numbers is perhaps the most crucial thing in a Bingo game aside from yelling Bingo! The faster you daub the called numbers, the faster your chances of yelling Bingo before your opponents. Speed is critical in a Bingo setting; you must be as swift as possible.
  • Limit yourself to smaller groups: The chances of hearing Bingo from someone else increase when there are many people in a game. This is because more cards in play mean that numbers will be daubed faster. To increase your chances of a Bingo win, selecting a smaller play circle is important.
  • Paying attention is golden: Losing concentration for a second could be detrimental to your Bingo-winning goals. If you miss a number that has already been called, you may not be able to scream Bingo when you’ve formed a winning pattern. So, attention is key if you want to win a Bingo game.
  • Try a strategy: Popular strategies like the Granville Method or Tippet’s Method could spur your winning chances. Thus, you should try them out to boost your chances.

How to Play Bingo: Bingo Online Strategy

It’s a welcome development that most games—including Bingo—can now be played online. This allows more participants to join the game, and the fact that you can now play alongside people from all over the world is quite encouraging. However, the fact there are many people now playing online means one thing; your chances of winning reduce. Thus, you need tips and strategies on how to play Bingo online. Well, let’s check some of them below.

  1. Play at off-peak times: The rationale here is to play when fewer people are online. Seeing as fewer people are vying for the same prizes at off-peak times, playing online Bingo at those times can increase your Bingo winning chances.
  2. Play several cards: At this point, this is universal Bingo advice. Buying and playing with several Bingo cards raises your likelihood of hitting a winning pattern. With that said, make sure that multiple cards don’t slow you down and that you can maintain pace and follow the caller’s prompts pronto.
  3. Check for bonuses and promos: One thing online gaming sites have over offline ones is the bonuses they offer. Many online Bingo sites grant players attractive bonuses and promos, such as free Bingo tickets or deposit bonuses. Ensure that you select Bingo sites that offer these incentives. This way, you get more opportunities to play Bingo and also skyrocket your chances of winning.
  4. Try joining chat rooms: These are online cheat codes. Because you can communicate with other players on several online Bingo sites, you have access to inside information and even increase your opportunities to win Bingo since these rooms often host their chat games. You may also get bonuses and prizes.
  5. Use a budget: This oldie advice is valid everywhere, including Bingo rooms. When playing online Bingo, using a budget and adhering to it may just be what you need. By doing this, you’ll be able to monitor your spending and prevent overspending or compulsive gaming. It is advisable to always play Bingo—and other games—responsibly.
  6. Avoid an online crowd: If you’re in a small circle, your chances of winning increase. Thus, you should play games that contain a small number or medium number of participants: This enhances your chances of hitting Bingo and, of course, winning.

10 Expert Tips on How to Play Online Bingo

Getting tips from experts is always useful since they’re more experienced. We asked some, and they came up with some good advice on how to play Bingo online. These tips may have been stated previously. However, if they reappear in this section, it’s probably because it’s extremely important, and you should take it as Bingo gospel. These expert tips are not always effective. Nevertheless, they increase the chances that you get to yell Bingo first. Since that’s out of the way, let’s get to it how to play Bingo for money:

  • Utilize the auto-daub features: In most online Bingo sites, there’s a feature called “auto-daub”. This feat is a mechanic that automatically marks your numbers as they are called. By activating this feature, keeping up with the game’s pace gets easier, and you can rest assured that no winning numbers are missed.
  • Try chatting with other players: As we said before, this is a Bingo cheat code. If you engage in a conversation with other players in the chat rooms, not only does your experience playing online Bingo increase, but your chance of winning extra prizes also rises.
  • Search for progressive jackpots: Progressive Jackpots are not only available in Slot games; you can also find them in online Bingos, albeit rarer. Progressive jackpots increase the more players buy Bingo tickets. The beauty here is that if you win the progressive jackpot, the payout is much more significant than in regular Bingo games.
  • Play in different Bingo rooms: Playing in several rooms will provide you with more variation in your games and also give you a better chance of winning. Instead of getting bored on a single site, it’s worth it to spread out your Bingo experience, as this could increase your winning chances.
  • Manage your cash: When playing online Bingo, it’s crucial to manage your funds expediently. A major guiding principle here is not to spend more than you are willing to lose; Setting a budget will always be the best advice for Bingo games.
  • Examine the payout ratios: Each Bingo site has a payout percentage. More technically, this is called RTP. You must vet the payout percentages of the various Bingo games and sites before you start playing because they sure vary. Ensure that you play only on a Bingo site with a reasonable payout. This way, when you win, it will be significant enough. You can check out some Bingo sites and game reviews to know which one to play.
  • Play during special promos: During holidays like Halloween, Christmas, or other special occasions, many online Bingo sites provide unique promos and bonuses. You can take advantage of these opportunities to get extra rewards or incentives and also increase your chances of winning and playing more.
  • Learn from other players: Observance is key to winning Bingo, especially as a newbie. By paying attention to other players and copying their tactics, you may increase your chances of winning. This can also help you learn how to play Bingo better and eventually make you a Bingo genius.
  • Break it off: If you play online Bingo for extended periods, you could get exhausted, and this can result in schoolboy errors. All play and no rest could make you complacent. Thus, refreshing your sharpness and concentration is important. The best way to do this is to take regular rests.
  • Play for fun: At times, chasing money while playing Bingo could make you agitated. The most important thing about Bingo is the fun. Online Bingo is more of a game than a source of income. Enjoy the game for its main purpose —fun—and shift your thoughts from winning for a bit. Being more at ease will increase your chances of winning.

These tips are from experts but don’t guarantee your winnings. If you follow these expert tips, however, your chances of winning at online Bingo exponentially increase. What’s more, in a short period, you should become a Bingo connoisseur.

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