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9 Masks of Fire Slot
logo  masks of fire gameburger studios
Win chance
5 Stars
Min bet C$0.20 RTP 96.24% Reels 5 Paylines 20
general Name 9 Masks of Fire Slot
Release date 2019-10-16
Profit info Slot features
    Chance to win %
    Paylines 20
    Stake Min bet C$0.20
    Max bet C$60

    9 Masks of Fire Slot Overview

    9 Masks of Fire slot is a new game in a rave that is developed by the game giants Microgaming. The general feel of the game is tribal. Whether it’s African or American, we don’t know. The design of the game is especially aesthetically appealing.

    The game comes with 5 reels and 20 paylines. The 9 Masks of Fire game is available on all devices, and you can wager with as little as $0.20. Various bonuses are available, but the most appealing is that you can trigger re-spins unlimitedly!

    9 Masks of Fire Slot Characteristics

    There are reasons why people love playing 9 Masks of Fire Slot. Some of them include its generous potential maximum payout and its appealing graphics.

    The 9 Masks of Fire big win is at a staggering $120,000. That’s definitely huge compared to other slot games. Microgaming on 9 Masks of Fire offers a wager range of $0.20 to a maximum of $60 per payline. You can hit a huge multiplier of 2500× if you get 9 Masks of Fire of Symbol.

    This means that the payout will be 2000 × 60, which is $120,000. However, all free spins may be subject to a 2× or 3× multiplier. Therefore, your maximum protein win may still rise.

    The Free Spins feature is an especially interesting one because it can always be re-triggered indefinitely. The scatter symbol is the trigger for the free spin. It only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. If you land all 3, you can spin the wheel with a multiplier. The feature can be re-triggered, and scatter masks can even appear on the free spins feature! It can give up to 2000 in stake prizes.


    Theme and Graphics

    The 9 Masks of Fire demo is well known for its top-notch graphics. It has vibrant colours that are appealing and immersive. The design, however, is a little weird with the tribal feel. It feels like a perfect copy of a land-based slot machine – which doesn’t exist. The slot design is pleasing with the fire background and flaming reels. There are also fruity images on the slots.

    The soundtrack is great. It is pacey and rhythmic. It also has a tribal feel to it. Play 9 Masks of Fire demo here and check it out!

    There are a few symbols to watch out for. The Diamond symbol is the wild symbol and is one to look out for if you want to hit some big wins. The Masks of Fire symbol is the real jackpot. The maximum to hit is nine, but hitting just 4 or 5 will surely fetch you a nice multiplier. We also have the set of 7’s – single, double and trebles. Other symbols are classic slot symbols like The Dollar, Bar, Bell and Cherries.

    9 Masks of Fire Slot Features

    For its vibrant and immersive design, 9 Masks of Fire has no particularly special feature. The only feature – one noteworthy on 9 Masks of Fire is the possibility of infinite free spins, which may give you your 9 Masks of Fire max win.

    Pros and Cons

    It can be played across all devicesIt doesn’t have many additional features to excite players
    Good visualsThe design may appear odd to a few people
    It has a great Return To Player (RTP)
    The maximum potential payout is huge

    Games Similar to 9 Masks of Fire

    There are a few slot games that have a resemblance to 9 Masks of Fire. Some of them are:

    • Hot Africa is an African-themed slot developed by Synot Games. It has a similar 9 Masks of Fire bonus system.
    • Mega Masks was created by Relax Gaming and had an RTP of 96.61%. It also features a tribal theme.
    • Book of Ra is a popular game published by Funstage and Novomatic. The theme is Egyptian-based.

    9 Masks of Fire RTP and Volatility

    Microgaming boasts of a high Return To Player (RTP) of 96.24% for 9 Masks of Fire. This means that, on average, for every $100 that is wagered upon, $96.24 is paid back to players.

    The volatility for the 9 Masks of Fire play is medium variance.


    Microgaming definitely didn’t make any mistake launching 9 Masks of Fire. While they definitely can be improvements, many positives should be taken. The bonus features are exciting, especially the possibility of an infinite number of free spins, leading to prospects of big-paying payout. The design is great, colourful yet simple. 9 Masks of Fire RTP is also impressive at 96.24%

    9 Masks of Fire FAQs

    Is 9 Masks of Fire compatible with mobile phones?
    Yes. 9 Masks of Fire is available across all devices, from PC, MacBooks to tablets and smartphones. You may enjoy the 9 Masks of Fire demo for free online without downloading a mobile APK.

    Do 9 Masks of Fire have Free Spins?
    9 Masks of Fire has free spins. The 9 Masks of Fire free play is one of the features that has made it popular and lovable among players. Its free spins are theoretically infinite because scatter symbols can appear on the free spin wheel.

    Can I play 9 Masks of Fire Slot on my smartphone?
    The game is HTML5-enabled and compatible with mobile devices. You can play it in your browser or application.