Bingo is a legendary game both in online and real-world casinos. Best known for its simple nature and thrill, this game has every element a new gambler would love. Also known as Lotto, this game of chance exists in many forms and formats.

The goal of each format is to strike all the numbers in the bingo ticket. Random numbers are generated, and players strike out the numbers that are present on the ticket they bought. Sounds easy, right?

Even though bingo is a game of chance, there are rules and regulations to abide by. This expert guide will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the game in detail. By the end of reading over this post, you will know the following:

  • How to play bingo UK online?
  • How to win in bingo?
  • Bingo rules
  • Different types of games
  • Expert tips to be a winner

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a classic lottery game. Its earliest name is Lotto, which is believed to have existed since 1778. In the UK, it was also known as Housey-Housey or Tambola. It became highly popular when the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960 came into being, and many bingo halls were opened across the UK.

Let’s understand ‘how does bingo work’. Bingo is played using paper tickets and numbered balls in real-world land-based casinos. The dealer draws out random numbers and calls them out. Online Bingo replaced tickets with virtual cards, and numbers are picked with a random number generator software.

Based on the format of bingo you’re playing, the virtual card will have different number formats. For instance, the 90-ball bingo game will have 15 numbers, while 40-ball bingo will only have 8 numbers.

As the game starts, a program-based caller calls out random numbers, and numbers in your ticket are strike-off if the called number is in your bingo ticket. Players also have the freedom to choose manual marking. To activate this feature, players have to go to the Settings section of the Bingo room and select ‘Manual daubing’.

Depending on the bingo format you’re playing, marking a line (vertical or horizontal), corners, or all the numbers on the ticket means victory. The game continues as long as players complete lines or corners, but it ends when a player gets a full house. In online bingo, winners are automatically declared.

Bingo exists in multiple versions, and each version has its own thrill. For instance, you have a 40-ball bingo game, a 75-ball bingo game, a 90-ball bingo game, and so on. Each bingo format has different rules and gameplay strategies. Let’s first summarise the steps to start a game of bingo.

Steps To Play Bingo Online

  1. Choose a reliable online bingo site and set up an account. Provide the right personal and contact details and verify your account.
  2. Once registration is complete, make a deposit using the available payment methods. Multiple payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers are accepted at most bingo sites.
  3. Enter a bingo room to start playing the game. Different bingo rooms have different rules, prizes, and game formats. So, choose a bingo room that suits you.
  4. Buy your bingo tickets to participate in the game. One can buy multiple tickets for each game.
  5. Wait for the game to start. The matched numbers will be stroked as the game begins and numbers are called out.
  6. Based on the bingo you’re playing, the first player that will have a specified matched pattern strikes out will be the winner. If you have won, the prize money will automatically be credited to your account.
  7. The game continues until any of the players achieves a full house.

Bingo Rules

Like any other game, Bingo also has rules that players must follow throughout the gameplay. Here is a list of common Bingo rules:

  • Select the bingo room and the game you want to play. Buying tickets or bingo cards is required to play Bingo.
  • One of the most important UK bingo rules is that you need to deposit in your casino account to buy the tickets unless you’re playing the free online Bingo games. Read the ticket buying limitations, if there are any. Many casinos limit the number of tickets or virtual cards a player can purchase per game to give everyone a fair chance of winning.
  • Have clarity on whether you will use automatic or manual daubing. Online bingo games generally have automatic dauber features. Change it to manual before the game starts, as you can’t change it in the middle of the game.
  • As per the standard rules of bingo UK, the game starts when the first number is called out.
  • Wait for the subsequent bingo calls and continue striking the numbers. The game continues as long as a player declares that all the numbers on their ticket are marked. However, different bingo versions have different winning criteria. There are prizes for marking all the corners and vertical or horizontal lines.
  • The software will declare your win if you’re playing automatic online Bingo. But, if you’re playing manual alien Bingo, shout ‘Bingo’ as soon as you strike the respective numbers. Your victory will be scrapped if you don’t shout, and the next number is drawn. So, try to be as attentive as possible.
  • If you’re playing with multiple cards/tickets, playing automatic online bingo is recommended, as marking will become easy, and the odds of missing out on a number will be zero. Those playing manual online Bingo need to do a lot of practice to mark the numbers as they are called out while playing with multiple cards, and there is no practical advantage to doing that.
  • Automatic online Bingo games keep the card with the highest winning possibilities (i.e. if you are playing with multiple cards) at the top so that you can focus well.

The Different Types of Bingo Games and How To Play Them

To gain a basic understanding of ‘how to play bingo online’, you must learn about the different versions of the bingo game.

40-Ball Bingo

Played on a 2×4 grid, 40-ball Bingo is best for those who want to win quickly as only eight numbers, between 1 and 40, are on the ticket. As each ticket ends quickly, most of the players of this game use multiple tickets.

How to Win?

As the game is very short, the winning criteria are not many. One can claim a win by:

  • Striking off one line
  • Marking 4 squares
  • Claiming full house

50-Ball Bingo

This version is played on a 2×5 grid, and the sheet contains 10 random numbers between 1 and 50. One can win a game if the horizontal line or all the lines are marked first.

How to Win?

The two most common winning criteria in this game are:

  • Striking a line
  • Full house

75-Ball Bingo

The 75-ball bingo game is played on a 5×5 grid with random numbers between 1 and 75. In this format, the centre square is labelled free with no number, and a letter spelling BINGO heads each column. The column marked as B will have numbers from 1 to 15, while column I will have numbers from 16 to 30, and so on.

How to Win?

The game asks players to complete any of the below-mentioned patterns to win the game.

  • 24 numbers
  • A vertical, diagonal, or horizontal line
  • A specific pattern

If a player claims any of it, they will win. Others keep on playing until someone claims a full house.

80-Ball Bingo

80-ball bingo is played with 80 balls, featuring numbers from 1 to 80. It is played on a 4×4 grid featuring 16 random numbers. Each column is of a different colour.

How to Win?

Players can win in an 80-ball bingo game by:

  • Striking off any horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines
  • By making predefined patterns

90-Ball Bingo

The last variety is 90-ball bingo, played with a classic 3×9 grid featuring 15 numbers between 1 and 90 with 5 numbers in each row. The first column will have numbers from 1 to 9, while the second column will have them between 10 to 19, and so on, with empty boxes in between.

How to Win?

This version lasts longer than any other bingo format, and three ways exist to win the game.

  • Players can claim a win by marking all the numbers on the horizontal line before anyone else.
  • By completing any two horizontal lines on the card
  • Players also win when they strike all the numbers and score a complete ‘full house.’

In addition to the games mentioned above, some casinos offer special bingo versions. These are speed and progressive jackpot bingo.

Speed bingo is meant for those who want to play at pace as numbers are called out quickly and are played with fewer numbers. There are no bingo calls. Instead, random numbers are displayed on the screen, and players must mark them on their cards as quickly as possible. The one who manages to mark all the numbers wins. It is an energy-filled game, and only some players can match the pace.

Progressive jackpot bingo is a game of patience, as you won’t win the prize money instantly. Instead, it keeps on carrying forward as long as the game continues. A certain percentage of every player’s buy-in goes to the jackpot initially and is rolled out as players continue to play, and someone wins.

This variety of bingo games often asks players to make a specific pattern on the cards to claim victory. The number of bingo calls is also predetermined. If there is no winner within the set number of bingo calls, no one wins the jackpot, and players get a small amount as a consolation prize. We hope you have enough clarity on how to play bingo UK by now. Let us now understand how to win in bingo.

How to Win on Bingo?

Winning a bingo game may depend on luck, but paying attention to a few things can increase your winning probability. Here is how to win on bingo.

Pre-purchase Cards With Big Jackpots

Bingo with big jackpots has high winning odds. That is why we recommend pre-purchasing the tickets for big jackpots so you don’t lose a winning chance. It saves time as you don’t have to wait as you enter the bingo room.

Calculate your Winning Possibilities

You can calculate your winning odds by dividing the number of cards you have by the total numbers in the game. For instance, if you’re playing with 5 cards and there are a total of 50 players playing at a time, then your winning possibility is 10%.

Likewise, you can have a winning possibility estimate and use it to decide which game to play. Better to play the game with the highest winning possibilities.

Play With Big Jackpots

Big jackpots are a bit risky. Hence, not every player has the guts to continue with them. The number of players in big jackpot bingo games is comparatively less. Therefore, winning possibilities are high. However, these are not certain.

How to Play Bingo: Bingo Online Strategy

Bingo is a game of probability, and if you want to know ‘how to play bingo UK’ and win the game, then you need to know that planning strategy is crucial. Here are a few expert-recommended winning strategies for bingo.

Strategy #1- Understand The Math Behind

As bingo is a game of probability, you can beat it with math. As per J.E Granville, there are two winning theories. The first one is Granville’s theory which recommends players choose a card that is evenly spread and symmetrical. The theory suggests that bingo cards with an equal number of high and low numbers, an equal number of even and odd numbers, or an equal number that ends with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 have a high winning probability.

The second theory is Tippett’s system which applies to 75-ball bingo games. It recommends players remain as close as possible to the median number 38, as winning numbers are likely to be close to the median number at the beginning of the game. You can follow these strategies to increase your winning possibilities.

Strategy #2- Buy Multiple cards

More cards mean more winning possibilities. That is why Bingo veterans recommend players buy multiple cards. But, you need to make sure that this strategy doesn’t work against you because multiple-card striking needs attention and focus, but if you play with multiple cards, you can use the auto daubing feature so that numbers are marked automatically.

Strategy #3- Try Playing at Different Hours of the day

The active number of players playing the game will not be the same at all hours. When you’re playing during peak hours, you have fewer possibilities to win. It’s wise to play at different hours to beat the traffic.

Try playing during the early hours of the day, like 5 am or 7 am. Wee hours of the night are also less crowded. Hence, you can also play during that time. Generally, mid-day hours between 3 pm to 8 pm are the busiest. So, it’s better to avoid them.

13 Expert Tips on How to Play Online Bingo

Now that you know what bingo is and how to play bingo UK, it’s time to discover the secret to success. Our bingo experts can help you become a bingo pro.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing bingo for a long time, you need these tips on ‘how to play bingo for money’ to ace the game. So, here we go.

#1- Always Play With A Registered Casino

The first and foremost advice to any online bingo player is that the casino you choose should be licensed. Casinos in the UK are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission or the Government of Gibraltar, which establishes the authentication of a casino. Casinos licensed by such renowned bodies are trustworthy and safe as they abide by strict regulations and standards, providing players with a safe and legal environment.

#2- Keep A Budget In Mind

Bingo is addictive, and the hunger to win more makes anyone play out of compulsiveness. However, this is not suggested. Experts recommend sticking to a budget and deciding how much money you should invest so you don’t burn cash early.

#3- Start With Small Deposits

You should make small multiple deposits to track the money you have put in. A huge deposit in one go often gives an impression to the player that they have enough backup. So, they continue playing. It shouldn’t be your strategy if you want to win and play bingo for a long time.

Start with a specific amount and grow it eventually. It is important if you’re a beginner. Give yourself time to understand how things work here before investing your hard-earned money.

#4- Get Familiar With The Rules

Even though it’s a basic rule, many often do not comply. Players are recommended to get familiar with the rules of the bingo variant they are playing. We have already explained them here. You must review them to know how the gameplay proceeds and what moves are acceptable.

#5- Practice Makes One Perfect

Before investing money in a bingo game, we recommend you practice with free games. Play with casinos offering demo games and learn the art and science of playing them.

#6- Check Out The Bonuses And Promotions

Bonuses and promotion schemes hugely impact gameplay. For instance, with the welcome bonus, players get certain bonus cash that they can use to play more. Free tickets will allow players to play online bingo without any money. Hence, don’t forget to check the offers you’re getting from the casino you are playing at.

#7-Know The Game Options Available

Check out the types of bingo games that are offered. We recommend picking a casino that offers multiple varieties so that you can try your hands on all formats.

#8- Play During Off-Peak Time

The next tip about ‘how to play bingo online’ is to play when there is less crowd. Playing during off-peak time increases your chance of winning as there is less number of players to compete.

#9- Check The Card Limit Before Buying

Even though players can purchase multiple tickets, different casinos have different limitations. It’s wise to know what limits your casino has before buying the tickets.

#10- Breaks Are Important

Don’t play at a stretch, and take breaks so that your mind is refreshed and you’re more focused. Also, try playing at different times of the day.

#11- Use Session Limits

Setting session limits is wise to ensure you don’t exhaust your deposit in one day. Many online casinos offer this feature, and it is of great help. You can log out automatically as you cross the budget limit.

#12- Start With A Low-Price Ticket

Bingo with low-price tickets will have less number of players as the winning amount is also less. But they’re a great way to feel motivated and get ready for bigger wins. Start with them, win a game, and if luck favours you, stay geared up for the whole day.

#13- Don’t Reveal Anything Crucial In The Chat Room

If you’re playing bingo with a casino offering a chat facility, don’t let the chat confuse you. Also, don’t reveal any important information in the chat room, as it can backfire.

Stick to these tips, and you can be the next bingo champion.


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