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Antonio Esfandiari is one of the most successful and charismatic poker players in the world. He has won millions of dollars in tournaments, including the largest single payout in poker history. He is also a former professional magician, known for his elaborate chip tricks and entertaining personality. But who is the man behind the cards? How did he rise from a humble immigrant to a poker superstar? What are his secrets to success and happiness? In this article, we will explore Antonio’s life story, his career milestones, his playing style, his personal life, his charitable endeavors, his legacy in poker, his challenges and controversies, and his recent and future plans.

Early Life

Birthplace and Childhood

Antonio Esfandiari was born as Amir Esfandiary on December 8, 1978, in Tehran, Iran. He was the eldest of two sons of a successful businessman father and a homemaker mother. He had a happy and comfortable childhood in Iran, enjoying sports, games, and magic shows on TV. He was fascinated by magic since he was a young boy and dreamed of becoming a magician someday.

Journey from Iran to America

When Antonio was nine years old, his family decided to move from Iran to America, seeking a better life and more opportunities. They settled in San Jose, California, where Antonio attended Del Mar High School. He graduated in 1997. The transition to a new country was not easy for Antonio. He faced cultural differences, language barriers, and discrimination. He struggled to fit in and make friends. He also had to deal with his parents’ divorce and his father’s remarriage. He felt lonely and isolated.

The Magic Beginnings

To cope with his difficulties, Antonio turned to magic as a hobby and a passion. He learned magic tricks from books, videos, and other magicians. He practiced for hours every day, perfecting his skills and techniques. He changed his name to Antonio, which he thought sounded more mystical and appealing than Amir. He also had a nose job to look less foreign. He became a professional magician at the age of 19, performing at parties, events, and restaurants. He earned $300-$400 an hour, impressing audiences with his sleight of hand and charisma. He was nicknamed “The Magician” by his fans and peers.

Transition to Poker

The Allure of the Poker World

While working as a magician, Antonio was invited to a game of Texas Hold’em by one of his friends. He was intrigued by the game and decided to give it a try. He soon realized that poker was similar to magic in many ways. It involved deception, psychology, strategy, and risk-taking. It also offered excitement, challenge, and reward. Antonio was hooked by the game and wanted to learn more.

Early Challenges and Struggles

Antonio started playing poker regularly at local casinos and card rooms. He also played online at various poker sites. He quickly discovered that poker was not as easy as it seemed. He faced tough competition from more experienced and skilled players. He made mistakes and lost money. He had to deal with variance, tilt, bankroll management, and emotional swings. He had to balance his poker career with his magic career and his personal life.

Achieving Mastery

Despite the challenges and struggles, Antonio did not give up on poker. He studied the game diligently, reading books, watching videos, analyzing hands, and seeking advice from other players. He improved his game by learning from his mistakes and adjusting his strategies. He developed his own style of play that suited his personality and strengths. He also learned how to cope with the mental and emotional aspects of poker. He became more disciplined, confident, and resilient.

Career Milestones

World Poker Tour Victories

Antonio’s breakthrough came in 2004 when he won his first World Poker Tour (WPT) title at the L.A. Poker Classic. He beat a field of 382 players and won $1.4 million, the largest prize of his career at that point. He also won his first World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet later that year in pot-limit Texas Hold’em event.

Antonio continued to excel on the WPT circuit, winning two more titles in 2010: the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic ($870k) and the WPT World Championship ($1.6 million). He became one of only six players to win three or more WPT titles in history.

The Big One for One Drop Triumph

Antonio’s crowning achievement came in 2012 when he won the Big One for One Drop event at the WSOP. This was a special tournament with a $1 million buy-in that benefited the One Drop Foundation, a charity that provides access to clean water for people in need. The event attracted 48 players, including some of the best poker pros and wealthy businessmen in the world.

Antonio outlasted them all and won the tournament, earning a staggering $18.3 million, the largest single payout in poker history. He also won his second WSOP bracelet and became the all-time leader in tournament earnings, surpassing Phil Hellmuth, who finished fourth in the event.

Antonio donated $222k of his winnings to the One Drop Foundation, showing his generosity and gratitude. He also dedicated his victory to his father, who was his biggest supporter and inspiration.

Setting Records: Antonio’s Major Wins

Antonio has won many other notable tournaments and cash games in his career, setting records and making history along the way. Some of his major wins include:

  • Winning the Poker After Dark Season 6 opener for $150k in 2009
  • Winning the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure High Roller event for $575k in 2011
  • Winning the WSOP Europe High Roller event for €1.4 million ($1.8 million) and his third WSOP bracelet in 2012
  • Winning the Aria Super High Roller Bowl for $1.4 million in 2015
  • Winning the Aria High Roller event for $226k in 2016
  • Winning the Aria Super High Roller event for $275k in 2017
  • Winning the Aria High Roller event for $226k in 2018

As of 2021, Antonio has over $27.8 million in live tournament earnings, ranking him 26th on the all-time money list. He also has over $2.9 million in online tournament earnings, ranking him 1,038th on the online money list.

Signature Moves and Playing Style

Analyzing the Chip Twirl

One of Antonio’s signature moves is the chip twirl, a trick that involves spinning a poker chip around another chip using his fingers. He often performs this trick at the table, especially when he is involved in a big hand or when he is bored. The chip twirl showcases Antonio’s dexterity and flair, as well as his background as a magician.

The chip twirl can also serve as a tell or a bluff, depending on how Antonio uses it. Sometimes he does it to indicate strength or confidence, while other times he does it to indicate weakness or nervousness. He can also use it to distract or intimidate his opponents, or to simply have fun and entertain himself and others.

Aggression and Strategy: His Approach to the Game

Antonio’s playing style is generally aggressive and creative. He likes to play a lot of hands and put pressure on his opponents with bets and raises. He is not afraid to bluff or semi-bluff when he senses weakness or opportunity. He is also willing to gamble and take risks when he feels he has an edge or a good chance to win.

Antonio’s aggression is balanced by his strategy and discipline. He knows how to adjust his game according to the situation, the opponents, and the stakes. He can play tight or loose, passive or active, depending on what works best at any given moment. He can also fold or call when necessary, avoiding unnecessary losses or maximizing value.

Antonio’s approach to the game is influenced by his personality and experience. He is confident, competitive, and adventurous. He enjoys challenges and thrives under pressure. He is also friendly, humorous, and respectful. He likes to have fun and interact with other players at the table. He is not arrogant or rude, but rather humble and gracious.

Personal Life

Family and Relationships

Antonio is married to Amal Bounahra, daughter of poker pro Badih “Bob” Bounahra. They have a son named Zane, who was born on January 7, 2015. Antonio loves his family and spends as much time as possible with them. He often posts pictures and videos of them on his social media accounts.

Antonio also has a younger brother named Pasha, who is also a poker player. They are very close and supportive of each other. They often play together at live events or online sessions.

Antonio has many friends in the poker world, including Phil Laak, Jennifer Tilly, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Brian Rast, and others. He enjoys hanging out with them on and off the felt. He also respects and admires many other players whom he considers as role models or mentors.

Balancing Fame and Personal Life

Antonio is one of the most famous and popular poker players in the world. He has appeared on many poker shows, such as High Stakes Poker, Poker After Dark, Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament, World Series of Poker Main Event coverage, etc. He has also been featured on magazines, podcasts, documentaries, etc.

Antonio enjoys being famous and recognized by fans and media. He appreciates their support and admiration.

He also tries to balance his fame and personal life, keeping them separate and private. He does not let his fame affect his relationships with his family and friends. He also does not let his personal life interfere with his poker career. He maintains a healthy and happy lifestyle, enjoying both his work and his leisure.

Charitable Endeavors

Commitment to One Drop Foundation

Antonio is a committed supporter of the One Drop Foundation, a charity that provides access to clean water for people in need. He has participated in several One Drop events, such as the Big One for One Drop tournament, the Little One for One Drop tournament, the One Night for One Drop gala, etc. He has donated a portion of his winnings to the foundation, as well as raised awareness and funds for the cause.

Antonio believes that water is a basic human right and a vital resource for life. He is passionate about helping people who suffer from water scarcity and sanitation issues. He has visited some of the projects that One Drop supports in countries such as India, Honduras, El Salvador, etc. He has witnessed the impact that clean water has on the lives of the people there. He has also met some of the beneficiaries and volunteers of One Drop, sharing their stories and experiences.

Other Philanthropic Activities

Besides One Drop, Antonio is also involved in other charitable activities and causes. Some of them include:

  • Supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a hospital that treats children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases
  • Supporting Folded Flag Foundation, a foundation that provides educational scholarships and support grants to the families of fallen U.S. military and government personnel
  • Supporting All In For CP, a charity poker tournament that benefits the One Step Closer Foundation, a foundation that helps people with cerebral palsy
  • Supporting REG Charity, a charity that encourages poker players to donate to effective altruism causes
  • Supporting Animal Avengers, a charity that rescues and rehabilitates animals in need

Antonio is generous and compassionate, using his fame and fortune to make a positive difference in the world. He is also humble and grateful, acknowledging his privilege and luck.

Antonio’s Legacy in Poker

Inspiring the Next Generation

Antonio is an inspiration to many aspiring and young poker players who want to follow his footsteps. He has shown them that poker is not only a game of skill and strategy, but also a game of passion and personality. He has taught them how to play poker with flair and fun, as well as with discipline and determination. He has also taught them how to balance poker with other aspects of life, such as family, friends, hobbies, etc.

Antonio has mentored some of the rising stars in poker, such as Fedor Holz, Dan Colman, Justin Bonomo, etc. He has shared his wisdom and experience with them, helping them improve their game and achieve their goals. He has also been supportive and friendly to them, treating them as peers and friends.

The Influence on Poker’s Popularity

Antonio is one of the most influential figures in poker history. He has helped popularize poker among the mainstream audience, especially after his Big One for One Drop win in 2012. He has attracted millions of fans and followers who admire his skills and personality. He has also attracted media attention and coverage, appearing on various shows, magazines, podcasts, documentaries, etc.

Antonio has also helped promote poker as a sport and an art form. He has demonstrated that poker is not only a game of luck and money, but also a game of intelligence and creativity. He has also demonstrated that poker is not only a game of competition and conflict, but also a game of cooperation and community.

Challenges and Controversies

Overcoming Adversities

Antonio’s life and career have not been without challenges and difficulties. He has faced many obstacles and setbacks along the way, such as:

  • Moving from Iran to America as a child
  • Dealing with his parents’ divorce
  • Struggling to fit in and make friends
  • Losing money and confidence in poker
  • Suffering injuries and illnesses
  • Facing legal issues
  • Enduring slumps and downswings

However, Antonio has overcome these adversities with courage and perseverance. He has learned from his mistakes and failures. He has adapted to changing circumstances and environments. He has sought help from others when needed. He has never given up on his dreams or himself.

Handling Criticisms and Public Perception

Antonio’s life and career have also been subject to criticisms and controversies. He has faced many opinions and judgments from others, such as:

  • Being accused of being arrogant or cocky
  • Being criticized for being too aggressive or loose
  • Being questioned for being too flashy or showy
  • Being blamed for being too lucky or unlucky
  • Being attacked for being too rich or famous

However, Antonio has handled these criticisms and controversies with grace and dignity. He has respected different perspectives and viewpoints. He has defended his actions and decisions when necessary. He has apologized for his mistakes and wrongdoings when appropriate. He has not let others’ opinions or judgments affect his self-esteem or happiness.

Recent Endeavors and Future Plans

Staying Relevant in the Dynamic World of Poker

Antonio is still active and relevant in the dynamic world of poker. He still plays in high-stakes tournaments and cash games, competing with the best players in the world. He still wins big prizes and titles, adding to his impressive resume. He still entertains and engages his fans and followers, sharing his insights and stories.

Antonio is also aware of the changes and trends in poker, such as:

  • The rise of online poker and its impact on live poker
  • The emergence of new formats and variants of poker, such as short deck, six-plus hold’em, etc.
  • The advancement of technology and its influence on poker, such as solvers, trackers, etc.
  • The evolution of strategy and theory in poker, such as game theory optimal (GTO), exploitative, etc.

Antonio is open-minded and curious about these changes and trends. He is willing to learn and experiment with them. He is also willing to share and teach them to others.

Future Aspirations

Antonio has many future aspirations and goals, both in poker and in life. Some of them include:

  • Winning more WSOP bracelets and WPT titles
  • Winning more high roller events and super high roller events
  • Winning the WSOP Main Event
  • Becoming the all-time leader in tournament earnings again
  • Becoming a member of the Poker Hall of Fame
  • Writing a book or a memoir about his life and career
  • Creating a podcast or a show about poker and other topics
  • Traveling around the world with his family and friends
  • Supporting more charitable causes and organizations

Antonio is ambitious and optimistic about his future. He is determined to achieve his aspirations and goals. He is also flexible and realistic about his future. He is prepared to face new challenges and opportunities.

Summary: Antonio Esfandiari’s Enigmatic Journey

Antonio Esfandiari is one of the most enigmatic and captivating figures in poker history. He has had an incredible journey from a humble immigrant to a poker superstar. He has achieved remarkable success and fame in poker, winning millions of dollars and breaking records. He has also shown remarkable character and personality in poker, playing with flair and fun, as well as with skill and strategy.

Antonio is not only a great poker player, but also a great human being. He is generous and compassionate, using his fame and fortune to help others in need. He is humble and grateful, acknowledging his privilege and luck. He is friendly and respectful, interacting with others with kindness and humor.

Antonio Esfandiari is a legend in poker, a magician on the felt, a shining star in the world.


How did Antonio Esfandiari get into magic?

Antonio Esfandiari got into magic when he was a young boy in Iran. He was fascinated by magic shows on TV and dreamed of becoming a magician someday. He learned magic tricks from books, videos, and other magicians. He became a professional magician at the age of 19, performing at parties, events, and restaurants.

What is his most notable poker win?

Antonio Esfandiari’s most notable poker win is the Big One for One Drop event at the WSOP in 2012. He won the tournament, earning $18.3 million, the largest single payout in poker history. He also won his second WSOP bracelet and became the all-time leader in tournament earnings.

How has his background influenced his poker career?

Antonio Esfandiari’s background has influenced his poker career in many ways. His experience as an immigrant has taught him how to adapt to different cultures and environments. His experience as a magician has taught him how to deceive and entertain others. His experience as a businessman has taught him how to manage money and risk.

What other ventures is Antonio involved in besides poker?

Antonio Esfandiari is involved in other ventures besides poker, such as: Being a co-founder of Run It Once Poker, an online poker site that offers innovative features and promotions Being a co-host of The Breakdown Podcast, a podcast that analyzes interesting hands from high-stakes games Being a co-star of Underground Poker, a reality show that follows him and Phil Laak as they play underground games across America


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